We are more than a Human Resources Company 

Our mission is; to bring together the best companies in Turkey and non-Turkish markets with talents that have unique experiences in their respective fields.


  At Mento, we act as a bridge between great talents and great companies. Our commitment to and passion for helping our talent connect with the perfect career opportunities is what makes us successful and keeps us on the cutting edge of the staffing industry.

  As well as being connected to our work with passion and discipline, we believe that fun is part of our work.


  What we specialize in MENTO is to offer you the best performing star sales specialists and sales leadership skills.  


  We go beyond recruitment for our clients. We combine them with top-level talent that will help you reach your sales and revenue targets.    


What is the ability to continuously present these results?  


  Because MENTO HR is founded by sales leaders who know how to find and attract the best sales talent and are experts in creating and managing high-performance sales teams.


  From our experience, we know how the right sales team and sales executives are important for your company's success, how to build high-performance sales teams, and most importantly, how to find the best performing sales specialists in Turkey and how to attract them.  


  We have developed a rigorous and proven methodology that brings together the most important elements of hiring star sales professionals:  

• Creating a role profile

• Headhunting

• Scientific candidate evaluation  


  We provide consulting services to help you meet our clients' high expectations, to do better sales interviews and to help you become a preferred employer for the best sales leaders.  


  One of the most innovative and leading companies in Turkey has a reason to choose MENTO HR to help them build their sales force.  

Let's do the same for you.


Our core values represents the fundamental principles that guides us in our business activities. We create a positive and rewarding experience for both our clients and talents.


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Tülin Kıranel

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Recruitment Specialist



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Office Cat

Mete Kükner

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Burak Sayıner

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Ebru Köseibiş

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Recruitment Specialist

Business Owner 

Director of Business Development